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    spring coat ¥33,000+tax [2月中旬]
    stripe t-shirt ¥9,800+tax [展開中]
    skinny pants ¥14,000+tax [1月下旬]
    lace-up shoes ¥19,000+tax [1月上旬]
    big star tote bag ¥8,900+tax [1月初旬]

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    stripe knit pullover with ribbon ¥14,000+tax [2月中旬]
    tulle skirt ¥20,000+tax [2月中旬]
    ribbon pouch ¥4,500+tax [1月初旬]

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    check and dot print jacket ¥19,000+tax [2月中旬]
    check and dot print culottes ¥17,000+tax [2月中旬]
    enamel wedge sandals ¥16,000+tax [1月下旬]

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    puff-sleeve knit pullover ¥14,000+tax [1月下旬]
    check and dot print skirt ¥18,000+tax [2月中旬]
    wedge sandals ¥17,000+tax [展開中]
    ribbon motif pochette ¥14,000+tax [1月初旬]
    necklace ¥6,900+tax [展開中]

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    jacquard dress ¥23,000+tax [2月中旬]
    dot print wedge sandals ¥18,000+tax [1月下旬]
    dot print boston bag ¥17,000+tax [1月下旬]
    flower motif necklace ¥9,800+tax [2月上旬]

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    big dot print coat ¥35,000+tax [2月中旬]
    retro culottes ¥16,000+tax [展開中]
    platform sandals ¥17,000+tax [展開中]

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